Through the publication RETURN OF LOST WATER we offer to all people of goodwill, to know the reality of where we are, what it means for us, how to prevent it and how every inhabitant of the planet Earth can be active in returning lost water.

The book is divided into 4-pillars:

  1. Knowing what we have done with water and how we lose not only water but also our future
  2. Košice Civic Protocol for Water, Vegetation and Climate – inspiration for the world (2009)
  3. Global Action Plan for the Recovery of Damaged Small Water Cycles and Climate
  4. Manual for everyone on Planet Earth, who wants to ensure water for himself plus recover the land for his community, region and continent

    Why does every inhabitant of Planet Earth need knowledge?

If humanity continues to underestimate the state of water in the river basins, there will be uncontrollable changes in the Blue Planet global ecosystem as early as the first half of the 21st century, manifested by natural disasters, floods, droughts, fires and earthquakes. It is up to us to start a new culture – to restore the culture of water so that there is more water, more life and a more pleasant climate in our surroundings. It is high time to know the solution and start implementing it.

Floods, droughts, natural disasters, unpredictable weather, climate change, hunger, poverty, prosperity, health or safety are phenomena associated with water in every corner of the world.
In Slovakia over the past 30 years, the water conflict has come to know the causes of the disintegration of small water cycles and how humans change the water regime of the country and the gradual climate change by drying ecosystems, regions and continents.
This knowledge came about because of the stubbornness of the people around the People and Water association, who in time of disinterested society gradually built up knowledge not only that it was happening, but also how to deal with how to restore water in ecosystems to make it enough for humans, nature and food, but also how to heal the planet’s climate for the benefit of all of us, where the role of man in returning to the continents of the water we have lost lightly.
We have therefore decided to offer this knowledge to all people of good will through the publication ‚RETURN OF LOSS WATER‘ in order to work together to prevent global collapse.
In 30 years we have understood a lot. From the need for ecosystem water protection, through the impact of man on climate change by drying ecosystems, to the possibility of simple and effective solutions for climate recovery. In 2007, we released the New Water Paradigm ( and realized that knowing this message from the New Water Paradigm ordinary people need a deeper understanding and seizing the opportunity to actively engage in the recovery of what we have almost lost.