Archaeologists around the world are investigating the historical context of the Biblical flood. According to Bible genealogical records, the flood occurred around 2204 BC. The flood started with 40 days of continuous rain, and then it took another 335 days for the water to recede and the crew of Noah’s ark to land. According to the Bible, God decided to destroy humanity at that time because it was corrupt.


Whether it was one way or another, a fundamental question must be asked. How is it possible that at that time it rained continuously for 40 days, which caused the flood of the world. Many archaeologists and scientists around the world are investigating this connection. I would like to offer my perspective, which may clarify the context of the dramatic events 4226 years ago.


This knowledge literally stands on the water, because by examining the trend changes of precipitation in little Slovakia on the data 1901-1970, it is evident that there are months in which there is a decrease in precipitation and there are months in which there is an increase in precipitation.


We published this in the book Water for the 3rd Millennium in 2000, and at that time we were laughed at by all the experts. Now unizono scientists say that there is a spatial and temporal change in the distribution of precipitation.


It is not only necessary to talk about it, but also to understand why it happens. If we understand this, then we will understand that the same stupid things that the current civilization is doing, was also done by the civilization before the Biblical flood. Then we will not argue that God has punished us, that we are corrupt (even though we are), but that we are responsible for these changes.


What should the cause be looked for? Well, let’s look at the diagrams of the distribution of monthly precipitation with an approximation to 1901 and to 1970. There is a decrease in precipitation in spring and autumn and an increase in precipitation during the summer and winter monsoons. Why is it like that? Because it rains less often than in the past, because we feel that when it rains more than we need, we send the rainwater into the sea.


On average, we send about 250 million to the sea from Slovakia per year. m3 of that rainwater, which in the past remained in the land and then evaporated and returned to the ecosystems after the formation of clouds in the form of rain.


This regular cycle of water evaporation, the birth of new life through vegetation and the formation of clouds and precipitation lasts an average of 8 days and is called the small water cycle, in which it recycles about 24 billion in the annual balance. m3 of water.


Since we have done incomprehensible miracles across the country to drain rainwater from forests, through agricultural land to inner villages of towns and villages, an average of 1% of the aforementioned volume of water (250 million m3) is lost every year and flows into the sea, so this water will not return to the country in Slovakia.


After 50 years of such tyranny of the country, “only” 15 billion have decreased from small water cycles in the territory of Slovakia. m3 of rainwater. Still in small water cycles, what’s left, but we’re working hard to make sure there’s nothing left.


Since all the inhabitants of the planet Earth are working hard on this, according to general estimates, approx. 760 billion are channeled annually from the continents. m3 of rainwater, thus we stored more than 45 billion in the oceans. m3 of fresh water. We have contributed to the rise of ocean levels by more than 12 cm in 60 years.


We are actually such “bortács” who are trying hard to eliminate life on the continents and accumulate fresh water from the continents in the oceans. Some countries have already completed the breakdown of small water cycles. In those countries, it doesn’t rain at all for at least half a year, and when it does, it’s a complete disaster.


Just as there were disasters in California, Greece, Pakistan, Italy, or Korea, new and new disasters will increase every year, and when they combine there will be a global flood. That is, a NEW BIBLICAL FLOOD, which will be survived by the most resistant unspoiled communities, who will start doing the same stupid thing that we do with our population growth: CHANNELING RAINWATER INTO THE SEA.


So this is my perception and message to the Withered Egypt, where the world powers are struggling with how to decarbonize the world and find the culprit who is to blame for our overheating of the world. We friends are all guilty and we need to change it in our heads that rainwater is not waste, but God’s gift, which should not be channeled into the sea, but left where it falls or in a suitable place.


If we don’t understand this in the next decade and start a fundamental change with rainwater management, we will end up friends where the previous civilization ended, which caused it to rain for 40 days…