Blue School

by | Jul 21, 2021

BLUE SCHOOLS in Šarišské Bohdanovce village

Carrier of the project: Šarišské Bohdanovce village

Country: Slovakia / Prešov region 

Contact: Basic Schools Šarišské Bohdanovce,

Duration: study and construction 2015-16

In Slovakia, an active education initiative on water protection in secondary and primary schools was launched in 2012. The idea was to implement the Blue School project in each district of Slovakia (79 districts), the aim of which was to implement rainwater retention from school buildings directly at the school premises, and at the same time elements of water protection and restoration were introduced into the education system. To set up water education and climate recovery centers at these schools. 

One of the projects was implemented at the Primary School in Šarišské Bohdanovce. And a system of rainwater collection and recycling was implemented on the school premises with the adaptation of the spatial arrangement of rest zones for education in the Primary School. 

Part of the project was the development of curricula that became part of education. It turned out that education in an environment where students can be in contact on the campus, which means water protection, which means a small water cycle, how to protect and restore water resources, why it needs to be done, what the impact on the climate, how retention rainwater contributes to reducing air dust.

The total cost of the project was € 37,000 and was implemented in 2016. The project was supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism from the Adaptation to Climate Change grant scheme. 2.9 mil. Was invested from the scheme. € and more than 70 Blue School projects have been implemented, which have become the basis for innovative model solutions for rainwater harvesting and returning to small water cycles.

The Blue Schools’ projects are part of the inspiration for innovative rainwater retention solutions in the urban environment of integrated protection education and the restoration of small water cycles.

Water touches on a whole range of problems, from environmental security, through technical solutions, the legal context of public policies to protect water scarcity, climate change, health protection to human culture.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to strengthen the involvement of the new generation of young people in the active approach of the new generation of young people in changing human behavior patterns to water with the prevention of water crises in the future.

Therefore, inculcating integrated water protection in the context of climate change into the young generation is currently very timely and necessary. The innovative idea of ​​the project is to involve a new generation of young people directly in rainwater harvesting projects.